The Book of Angels

A book of Paper Angels & Devils to colour-in and cut out for Christmas.

Available to buy from my Etsy Shop, or also by email to
Price £12 each (or £10 each if you order more than one please use the ‘multiple order’ listing on Etsy or you won’t get the discount!)

This is a book of my own designs and contains 7 double-sided and highly detailed images which can be coloured in. They are printed on thin card and designed to be cut out and folded to make three-dimensional Christmas decorations, which you can then hang up, or they will also happily sit on the edge of a mantelpiece / shelf.

The collection has a humorous and cheeky twist to it: because the card is double-sided the reverse (or inside, once they are cut and folded) reveals a naughty glimpse of bottoms and underwear. They are mildly subversive and entertaining, rather than downright rude: the book is aimed at adults but you should be able to colour them in with the children or Mother-in-Law present, or perhaps even helping.

They are not complicated to fold and come with a set of instructions, and a set of coloured ribbons to hang them up with.

This book is printed in a choice of two surfaces – I tested several finishes of card and this was the best solution! See below:

  • SILK: This card is fabulous with felt pens: it doesn’t bleed and the colours show up very brightly and do not soak through to the other side, however, the slight sheen of this surface makes it unsuitable for coloured pencils.
  • UNCOATED: This paper is very suitable if you want to use coloured pencils. It will also take felt pens, however they may bleed through a little to the other side, and because the designs are double-sided this could spoil the design on the back. If you use felt pens on the uncoated card I would advise colouring in the front first, or testing a corner of the blank card outside the actual image.

As I write this I am still working on the collection, it will be ready within the week, and ready to post out within the fortnight, you can get in first and order it from my Etsy Shop. Below are some of the designs:

The first angel, made up but left un-coloured:

Finished Paper Angel no.1
Finished Paper Angel no.1

Step-by-step making up an angel:





  1. This is so awesome.
    Exciting and fun.
    I love it ❤
    Just ordered mine! 😀

    1. Thank you Mgon! 🙂 x

    1. thanks Rosie! 🙂

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