The Secret of Eternal Youth

watercolour by Nancy Farmer, 18.5 x 22.5 inches, 2015

How many limbs would you sacrifice for eternal youth? None? not even a few fingers, some little toes? I know some who would be prepared to donate a digit or two…

This is a Pollarded Dryad – a spirit of the trees, but of a pollarded tree, very common where I live on the edge of the Somerset Levels. if you’d like to read the whole story of this curiously rejuvenating process, it is revealed in this blog post: ‘Pollarded Dryads and the Secret of Eternal Youth’.

'The Secret of Eternal Youth', watercolour by Nancy Farmer, 2015
‘The Secret of Eternal Youth’, watercolour by Nancy Farmer, 2015


  1. Just been learning about pollarding as part of my research into Robin Hood. This is great and makes perfect sense now I now what pollarding is! You never cease to amaze me Ms Farmer!

    1. Oh good! I am pleased someone is paying attention 😉 Thanks for ‘getting’ it!

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