The Spelling Animals

The Spelling Animals - flier
The Spelling Animals – flier

Unique spelling Paintings by Nancy Farmer

Commission a name to be spelt in the animals of your choice, a perfect unique gift for a friend or for yourself. Animals can be matched to the colours of particular pets, I can also spell dates for special anniversaries. I don’t use any templates, each name is individually composed and painted for you, in pencil and watercolour.

I am commonly asked for spellings in cats, dogs and rats, I have also spelt names in mermaids, unicorns, lizards, butterflies, witches, fairies, snakes, octopi, chickens and more. The cost of each piece depends on the number of letters and the particular animal, I would be happy to give you a price on a spelling and animal of your choice.

There are prices for a selection of Spelling Animals in my Etsy Shop. If you cannot see what you want, or have an idea you’d like to discuss with me, please email me: – I would be happy to discuss your idea or give you a quote on a piece of work.

A few past spelling pictures:


  1. Neal Goodman

    I’m interested in 2 prints. The first would be greyhounds spelling out “Christine” and the other would be the greyhounds spelling “home is where the hounds are”. Could I get costs and sizes. I live in the United States near Washington, DC.

    1. Hi Neal, they are actually original paintings, I don’t have an prints available because I do each one to order, but I’ll send you an email with prices today.
      thanks for asking

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