Paper Angel Instructions

How to make up the Angels.

I have labelled a few points in red on the first angel in the Book of Angels (available from my Etsy Shop), just to make everything clear. All the others are made up the same way. Colour them in first, obviously, unless you want them black and white.

If you’re reading this because you followed the link on my Christmas Cards – there are no letters on those drawings, but they’re made up in the same way and very simple.

1. Cut out all around the edge including cutting along the white dotted line ‘A’, separating the arm from the tab on the ‘dress’.

2. With a sharp craft knife or something similar, cut holes at ‘B’ and cut two lots of parallel slits along the lines marked ‘C’. Four slits in all.(The holes don’t have to be round, just something that you can thread ribbon through.)

3. Fold the wing / arm section forwards as in the photo below. This is the line marked ‘D’ on the first angel. It may help to score the line first or to fold against a ruler to get a neat fold, but you don’t need to, you can just bend with your fingers.

4. Thread ribbon through as shown in the photo below.

5. Bend back the angel’s dress so that it meets at the back and attach the tab marked ‘F’ to the section marked ‘E’. You can do this with glue or tape, or also using a stapler works very well. Also tying the ribbon will help secure the top edge.

6. Gently thread the angel’s hands and arms through the slits you cut on each side of the dress. The thumb needs a bit of care as it tends to get caught coming through.
Pull the arms through until the ‘inner elbow’ bit reaches the slit, as in the photo below.

7. Bend the arms outward a little as in the photo below. For added three-dimensional effect, you can also bend the halo as shown in the photo after that, and put a slight bend in the knees and ankles too if you wish.

Finished! The angel should hang nicely by the ribbon, or can also sit on the edge of a shelf / mantelpiece etc.
I’d love to see photos / hear any feedback you have,
Merry Christmas!