views of the tor - the master plan

The Master Plan

from 12 Views of the Tor: 2015 calendar What more can I add? This is the Master Plan: the title pretty much sums it up. There is an arch villain, an arch villain’s cat, an evil checklist…. and no James Bond to be seen. It’s obviously all going to work without a hitch… For those interested in the technicalities, this is another print entirely in drypoint, starting off with sandpapering the aluminium plate with very coarse sandpaper, then burnishing the surface where I didn’t want the background scratches. Then the trusty pointy tool drew the rest. There is an obvious…

Angelic Champagne 3 - drypoint coaster

Good and Evil, in artistic imbalance

In fact, I am with William Blake on this one (if I had to pretend NOT to be an atheist for a moment) – Devils should not be seen as ‘evil’, they are the appropriate balancing creative and chaotic force, to counteract the order personified by God and the angels. But believe what you will: I don’t, I simply like drawing them. So here, finished, are all the Angel and Demon coasters that you have seen glimpses of for the past few weeks. They are unfairly balanced: 6 devils to 4 angels, and yes, the devils are proving more popular….

Drypoint Nude

Drypoint Nudes

With a bit of luck I will print these tomorrow. These are the drypoint plates that I mentioned in the last post, the prints from these are (I hope) destined to become some nice little coasters, featuring drinking nudes. But at this point I have no idea how well my plates are going to print… oh what fun is printing 😉 The photo above shows one of the aluminium plates, and the tip of the pointy tool wot done it. Below you can see better what I am using. This is not designed for this purpose, it’s a leftover from…

Medusa in the Bath - drypoint print

Drypoint is the new Etching!

I have printed the ‘Medusa in the Bath’ picture – the February image for my calendar for next year – and I am feeling quite pleased with myself! I do enjoy Aluminium etching, but I have to admit it can sometimes be a bit of a crude technique for making a picture. I recall a little bit of copper etching I did, um, something more than 25 years ago now :-o, and I recall being able to get very fine detailed lines. This doesn’t seem to be so much the case with aluminium etching – maybe it is to do…