Skanky Rats

Skanky Rats!

Now, I quite like rats, though as the owner of a keen ginger hunter I do not often see whole ones, and formerly my ‘names in rats’ have been rather sweet, mischievous creatures. But I had a request for a name if I could make the rats “a bit more skanky”… and I was happy to oblige, of course:

Spelling Animals: octopuses, octopi, or octopodes

This is the Year of the Octopus

From last week it became the year of the octopus. The New Year happens when, having gone through all of the nieces and nephew’s birthdays with one sort of Spelling Animal, I have to start again with a new creature. This year the powers that be have decreed that it shall be the year of the octopus, so I have been busily training a hand-picked and highly skilled set of octopi to perform this extraordinary task. They do their job extremely well, the only problem is that they cannot agree on what they are called. Are they octopuses, octopi, or…

The Spelling Animals do 'Charlie'

Charlie’s Rats

Another niece, another birthday… As I have said before, as far as the Spelling Animals are concerned this is the Year of the Non-specific Rodent Thing. But that only applies to the nieces and nephews, who all get a go at the same animal or there are bound to be arguments. Suddenly I have been asked for a few of these on a commission basis: over the last fortnight I have also encountered spelling cats, sea creatures and winged lizards. There seems to be a modest demand, so I have put up a listing on Etsy: I will be interested…