Spelling Greyhounds

Spelling in greyhounds

One more Spelling Animals name I was asked for recently: Sherri, in greyhounds. Specifically, these are Sherri’s greyhounds, but it was a surprise present for her. I have never done any spelling with dogs before and they move and stand rather differently to cats, so I had to re-tune my spelling abilities to accommodate dogs. Dogs are not as bendy as cats, but greyhounds are skinny, which is very useful, in a Spelling Animal. However dogs are so much more variable in shape than cats that some breeds would be quite a challenge so I’m a little hesitant about advertising…

Octopi Spelling Animals

A new species of Spelling Animal: Octopi

This was a new one for the Spelling Animals: I was asked to paint ‘Jill’ in Octopi! Interestingly this species of spelling animal presents the opposite challenge to the more conventional types: with cats and the like one often wants a few extra limbs to form letters, with octopi, one wants fewer. Fortunately octopi limbs can be tangled and wrapped in a pleasingly Baroque fashion 🙂    

Arthur Clark in Egypt, close-up 1

Arthur in Egypt

This is not the sort of painting you’ve come to expect of me, I know, but here’s a commission I did a couple of months ago. It was as a present for the father of a friend, the father having his 80th birthday party, and having been in Egypt in the armed services a very long time ago.There were shenanigans, and unproven accusations of syphoning off the British Army’s fuel and selling it to the Arabs. It was just before the Suez crisis… perhaps he even caused the Suez crisis, I am hazy on the details! My job was to…

Sherrie-jane: portrait of a Lingerie Fairy

I can make you look like a fairy!

Here’s the painting I recently completed. This is Sherrie-jane – she sells lingerie in Somerset, including specialist bra-fitting, her business is called ‘Orchid’ – http://www.orchidlangport.co.uk/ – and she likes champagne. Quite a lot to get into 4 x 8 inches… but her daughter wanted a special present for her, for the re-launch of her new business, so in went the bras and the orchids and it all came together with quite a nice oriental feel, which was something of a happy accident. People do occasionally ask me ‘do you do commissions?’, and I say yes… occasionally… but I don’t usually…