drawings on candles by Nancy Farmer 4a

Set Fire to my Art: part 2

I have finally finished enough candles to supply 3 exhibitions, and have time (barely) to photograph some of them. Sadly no time yet to tell you how it’s done… later… All candles decorated with original drawings, no prints. Angels and Demons is the general theme, it being near to Christmas, though personally I find such characters have a year-round appeal 🙂

drinking devil three

Encountering devils… again.

These are the second instalment in my collection of the drypoint demons (with wine), destined to become a nice group of coasters featuring original artwork. The first pair, if you missed them, appeared in this post: https://nancyfarmer.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/on-returning-from-the/. This was to be a group of six but, since the season for such things is fast approaching, I may  stick at a gourp of four demons and a second group of four angels. Angels are for Christmas; demons, of course, are timeless 😉

Merry Christmas!

My apologies for the (almost) lateness of this post! It has been a more-than-usually-full few weeks: several Christmas arts events, the wall of our house falling off (see the posts about the wall for photos, it was quite spectacular!), and Lurgy (early Christmas present from the nieces and nephews) has meant that everything had been rather last minute… even more than usual So… huge sigh of relief! Tree up; guests in; presents wrapped; crackers made; wall back up; house generally liveable-in…. All that remains are a brief few seconds in which to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and the…

The Wrong Cocktail Bar (detail)

Demons or Aliens?

There’s a blog which claims: “In 1985, engineer and inventor George R. Simpson was visited by extraterrestrial presence. He was told that there was a hidden language embedded in the English Language, and it was his job to discover the decoding structure (rules) and tell it to the world.” And that, more or less, is what the site is about. It’s a bit odd: http://ufoetblog.com/. I had an email from George, he said the same thing, and very politely and enthusiastically asked permission to use one of my drawings at the top of his blog. Permission which I granted. Now,…