Commissioned portrait: Jude, Al & Star

Jude & Al’s portrait

From my blog you’d think I haven’t done much work lately and only post sketches to cat-of-the-day, but this impression is partly because I’ve completed two commissioned portraits this year which had to remain sectet. One of them can now be revealed! THis is Jude and Al, and their dog Star. In pencil and gold leaf, and the composition designed for an oval frame. As you might expect, people don’t generally ask me to draw or paint their portrait unless they have something special in mind.

Spelling Greyhounds

Spelling in greyhounds

One more Spelling Animals name I was asked for recently: Sherri, in greyhounds. Specifically, these are Sherri’s greyhounds, but it was a surprise present for her. I have never done any spelling with dogs before and they move and stand rather differently to cats, so I had to re-tune my spelling abilities to accommodate dogs. Dogs are not as bendy as cats, but greyhounds are skinny, which is very useful, in a Spelling Animal. However dogs are so much more variable in shape than cats that some breeds would be quite a challenge so I’m a little hesitant about advertising…