'Arthur does the Ironing'

Cat Logic

From my Cat-of-the-Day sketchbook blog I have made a little range of Cat greetings cards, many of which feature informative notes on the Logic of Cats. These may prove most useful to Humans, who often fail to understand the motives and innate helpfulness of these charming creatures.  The current range can be seen in my Etsy Shop, and wholesale prices are also available if you would like to email me.

Calendar 2012 - Front Cover

The 2013 calendar… the final pictures.

Somebody said that I had not actually stated on my website that I have the calendars, here, and ready to sell, which is something of an omission! So, it seems long overdue that I mention them one more time, and I have posted all of the images as they appear in my lovely satin-finish calendars… see below. Meanwhile, I believe I have contacted or attempted to contact everyone who so far said they would like one (or several), but some people are being elusive, so if you’ve not got back to me and confirmed you’d like one, please let me…