the spelling animals

More Spelling Animals…

A large proportion of my pictures are in an exhibition in Ilminster (amply demonstrating that I already have a lot of pictures), and my studio is undergoing a major overhaul,  so actual new artwork here, is thin on the ground for the moment. Hence, I only have more Spelling Animals to show you… I quite like the Spelling Animals though. Here is Josie’s card, in pencil and a little watercolour:

Spelling Animals - the new rodents

Spelling Animals: Introducing the performing rodents

Another year of nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays begins! We have had lizards, cats and snakes (with ladders), so I have been hard at work breeding and training up a new kind of spelling animal. It’s a sort of rodent. They started as rats, but some of them look a bit… well. Anyway, you can judge for yourself: