'Arthur does the Ironing'

Cat Logic

From my Cat-of-the-Day sketchbook blog I have made a little range of Cat greetings cards, many of which feature informative notes on the Logic of Cats. These may prove most useful to Humans, who often fail to understand the motives and innate helpfulness of these charming creatures.  The current range can be seen in my Etsy Shop, and wholesale prices are also available if you would like to email me.

Art by Nancy Farmer at Somerset Arts Weeks

Somerset Arts Weeks 2014

Astonishingly mild weather continues and the sun is blazing into the studio, as I crouch on the windowsill to get this shot of all the artwork on display. This is my studio – the gallery-wall side of it anyway, all spruced up and glistening with not an inconsiderable number of square inches of gold leaf, amongst the drawings and paintings. So, if you are going to be nearby in the next fortnight, do come and visit! Details of the exhibition as follows: Dates: 20th September – 5th October 2014 Times: 11am – 6pm every day except Mondays I am very…

The Spelling Animals do 'Kate'

The Spelling Animals: ‘Kate’ in cats

Happened upon this drawing yesterday, which never made it onto the blog at the time of creation on account of being a surprise present. I have since discovered the letter ‘t’ can be achieved with a single cat, but the cats like a variation in their tasks anyway, so letters are not always spelled the same way. I liked the ‘K’ in this one, it reminds me of how cats are frequently cuddly and nice to each other, shortly before a game of ‘oh did I accidentally bite you?’ commences… The Spelling Animals will spell any name for money, see…

Spelling Animals: octopuses, octopi, or octopodes

This is the Year of the Octopus

From last week it became the year of the octopus. The New Year happens when, having gone through all of the nieces and nephew’s birthdays with one sort of Spelling Animal, I have to start again with a new creature. This year the powers that be have decreed that it shall be the year of the octopus, so I have been busily training a hand-picked and highly skilled set of octopi to perform this extraordinary task. They do their job extremely well, the only problem is that they cannot agree on what they are called. Are they octopuses, octopi, or…

The Spelling Animals do 'Charlie'

Charlie’s Rats

Another niece, another birthday… As I have said before, as far as the Spelling Animals are concerned this is the Year of the Non-specific Rodent Thing. But that only applies to the nieces and nephews, who all get a go at the same animal or there are bound to be arguments. Suddenly I have been asked for a few of these on a commission basis: over the last fortnight I have also encountered spelling cats, sea creatures and winged lizards. There seems to be a modest demand, so I have put up a listing on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/181733790/ I will be interested…

Charlie in Spelling Animals

The Spelling Animals vi

Another birthday, another little troupe of Spelling Animals… Did this last Friday, just before the whole Wendy Marani incident… fortunate really as I have been kind of short on time this week, answering everyone’s most warmly appreciated comments and investigations 🙂 [Note to self: next week do more art].

New A5 greetings cards by Nancy Farmer

Musings… and my new greetings cards

It is true that this is in the way of a piece of blatant marketing, but what the hell, I spend a lot of time on this blog telling people how to paint as well, and so on… So I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that I have actually gone and ordered a little range of rather nice, rather large greetings cards. I am very pleased with them 🙂 They’re A5 – twice as big as my cards usually are, and here they are: They shall be appearing on the website for sale, but, like all things…