New websites, old pictures

Apologies for the silence, amongst other things I’ve spent the last 3 days getting my original artwork up in my other Etsy shop, the cunningly named NancyFarmerTwo. Not quite there yet but I just thought I’d let you know. I have quite a lot of stuff, some of it’s not seen the light of day for quite a while…. some random things, some bargains, some huge and expensive pieces, lots of etchings, they’re all getting an airing. More to come… It’s all here: After that, it’s about time I had a new website or tow. Proper ones. More to…

Half Price Print Sale...

Half Price Print Sale

I have a surplus prints problem! I now have too many in my exhibition stock to put them all out on display, so I’ve put a load of them on Etsy in the ‘Sale’ section of my shop. Mostly there is only one available of each, though there are some duplicates. Click here to see them all. Once they’re gone, these pictures will still be available because i usually print the to order, but they will go back to their full price, so grab these if you want a bargain… There are over 60, all sizes, here is just a…

Visitors to the preview, enjoying art, tea and cake

Exhibition now on!

I have a solo art exhibition at Ilminster Arts Centre this month. I have gathered together almost all of the new artwork that I have available since the last solo exhibition I had there about 3 years ago, including several new paintings I have been working on especially for this exhibition along the theme of ‘A Westcountry Bestiary’. I’ve also displayed quite a few of my Swimming Drawings. The gallery is really quite spacious, and at one end is a lovely friendly cafe, where they do light lunches and lovely cake. What more reason could you wish for to drop…

‘Hidden Depths’ at the Curzon Cinema, Clevedon, July 2016

An exhibition of art inspired by The Marine Lake at Clevedon I love the Marine Lake, it’s very special, and it’s the place where I first seriously got into open water swimming. From this sprang a spontaneous series of drawings about the nature of swimming outside, and so I’m delighted to have been asked to display some of these as part of an exhibition celebrating the Marine Lake. I’ve swum there for hours in the summer, and braved its icy waters in the winter; the lake and its visitors have been an engaging year-round subject. I shall be exhibiting alongside…

Medusa of the Levels - sketch of head

The return of Medusa

In case you thought I only did drawings of swimmers nowadays, here is a little work in progress. I have an exhibition booked at Ilminster Arts Centre in July and I need to get on with quite a lot of new work, of the kind of ‘fantasy-satire’ that people expect to see there (and indeed what I expected to exhibit there when I booked it a couple of years ago). The swimming drawings probably will also feature, but I have a working title for the exhibition which is ‘A Westcountry Bestiary‘ and a nice little handful of new paintings along…

The finished picture

The Cumbria Flood Appeal drawing

Back at the end of last year Cumbria was suddenly rather underwater. I live in Somerset, where we know a bit about flooding, but this is also a place where I have spent a lot of time over the years. I know people there and I know some of the roads and landmarks that got washed away, so I decided I would hold a little charity auction in aid of the flood appeal fund. The winner of the auction would get a drawing of a subject of their choosing that I would create from photographs and imagination – but I…

'Waterbabies' - digital drawing


I have been slacking, I admit, in updating my website lately, but this is because I have been actually getting on with some artwork. So it’s about time I showed you a picture or two. Here is a commission I did recently – one of a growing number of digital drawings I have done for people because they have seen my swimming drawings and asked me to draw them, or in this case, their daughters. Sometimes these commemorate certain events, in this casethe youngest daughter’s first experience of open water.

Christmas Sale and Exhibition, at my studio this weekend.

I am busy re-hanging the studio with paintings and angels, ready for an open weekend. Friday 4th – Sunday 6th December. All the details are in this post but I wanted to show you a few pictures of the room taking shape, to remind you to come along! There will be a few special Christmas discounts on some of the pieces of original artwork, as well as cards, calendars, Angels, candles, coasters… and probably some other things.

Spelling Animals: Christina in Cats

The Spelling Animals in Action

A couple of fairly recent Spelling Cat names that I have never got round to posting on this blog. If you’d like your own name or somebody else’s spelt in cats, dogs, lizards, octopi etc, do have a look at the Spelling Animals section in my Etsy shop (note: dogs aren’t listed there yet, but I can do dogs too!) It is important to have a good imagination to do this job, because this is what my models usually look like. Here is Freyja, helping: