'Relax' in Steampunk / Victorian Octopi

A composition of glorious non-sequiturs

Think of three unrelated things: a noun, an adjective, and a verb… Octopus Steampunk Relax Can I please paint the word ‘Relax’ in steampunk octopi? Ok, no problem. The result is arguably a little more ‘Victorian Farce’ than proper ‘Steampunk’, but I thought a lot of tiny steampunk details would probably get lost, or worse, make the word unreadable. Squint in a drunken way, preferably from your lovely warm bath, glass of wine in hand, and they clearly say ‘Relax’…

Spelling Animals: octopuses, octopi, or octopodes

This is the Year of the Octopus

From last week it became the year of the octopus. The New Year happens when, having gone through all of the nieces and nephew’s birthdays with one sort of Spelling Animal, I have to start again with a new creature. This year the powers that be have decreed that it shall be the year of the octopus, so I have been busily training a hand-picked and highly skilled set of octopi to perform this extraordinary task. They do their job extremely well, the only problem is that they cannot agree on what they are called. Are they octopuses, octopi, or…

Octopi Spelling Animals

A new species of Spelling Animal: Octopi

This was a new one for the Spelling Animals: I was asked to paint ‘Jill’ in Octopi! Interestingly this species of spelling animal presents the opposite challenge to the more conventional types: with cats and the like one often wants a few extra limbs to form letters, with octopi, one wants fewer. Fortunately octopi limbs can be tangled and wrapped in a pleasingly Baroque fashion 🙂