'Relax' in Steampunk / Victorian Octopi

A composition of glorious non-sequiturs

Think of three unrelated things: a noun, an adjective, and a verb… Octopus Steampunk Relax Can I please paint the word ‘Relax’ in steampunk octopi? Ok, no problem. The result is arguably a little more ‘Victorian Farce’ than proper ‘Steampunk’, but I thought a lot of tiny steampunk details would probably get lost, or worse, make the word unreadable. Squint in a drunken way, preferably from your lovely warm bath, glass of wine in hand, and they clearly say ‘Relax’…

Octoparty - almost pure black and white print

The Octoparty

This is my latest drawing, another silhouette. I drew a couple of silhouette-type compositions a couple of years back for my ’72 Fairies’ calendar, and found them a bit difficult to get started with, but an interesting idea that I always meant to get back to (and it did help that out of that collection of drawings and paintings those ones were the ones that sold first). So, here I am having another go. I still find this an interesting compositional challenge that in some ways is actually trickier, and just as time-consuming, as working out a composition for an…

Octopi Spelling Animals

A new species of Spelling Animal: Octopi

This was a new one for the Spelling Animals: I was asked to paint ‘Jill’ in Octopi! Interestingly this species of spelling animal presents the opposite challenge to the more conventional types: with cats and the like one often wants a few extra limbs to form letters, with octopi, one wants fewer. Fortunately octopi limbs can be tangled and wrapped in a pleasingly Baroque fashion 🙂