Sara, close-up

‘Sara’, with palladium leaf

Second underwater swimmer picture in real paint. I though I wouold try keeping the metallic element but removing the gold colour, so this is palladium leaf. Palladium is very similar to Platinum, but without the latter’s pretensions, and so only costs about the same as gold leaf. This is Sara, also swimming at Vobster Quay.

gold fairy 2014-02

A sudden swarm of Gold Fairies

Printmaking has ceased until October, and in theory this gives me the summer to concentrate on painting and drawing. Time, however, keeps running away from me! Here are six gold fairies though, which I hope will make enticing little pictures for visitors to Somerset Arts Weeks (or just passing people, in need of a picture!). It’s been some years since I drew the last Gold Fairy, and they have always been popular. I love drawing the human form (even if I have to make it up – I just can’t seem to get the models to hover in mid air…