Christmas Sale and Exhibition, at my studio this weekend.

I am busy re-hanging the studio with paintings and angels, ready for an open weekend. Friday 4th – Sunday 6th December. All the details are in this post but I wanted to show you a few pictures of the room taking shape, to remind you to come along! There will be a few special Christmas discounts on some of the pieces of original artwork, as well as cards, calendars, Angels, candles, coasters… and probably some other things.

Paper Angels on the wing

I have finished the Paper Angels, so I just wanted to show you a few photographs of the results. I have books of them for sale to colour in and cut out, but I also coloured a set myself and had them printed on pearlescent sparkly thin card, and they look a little splendid in the sunlight! Both sorts – coloured and uncoloured – are available to buy in my Etsy shop, but please note they aren’t actually weatherproof and you can’t keep them outside! For more about the books, see this page on my site:

The Penultimate Paper Angel

The Book of (Paper) Angels, which I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks, is almost ready to be printed. Here is Angel number 6. I am only waiting now until I have had time to do some coloured-in versions, which will be available as sparkly sheets for those who don’t want to colour in their own angels. For more information on this project, ordering, and a glimpse of angels number 4 and 5 which i didn’t post on the actual blog, have a look at this page: I like this angel, he’s a sort of Victorian…

A colour-in Christmas Devil

Paper ‘Angel’ no.2

Ok, this fellow is… a bit of a little devil, but in the interests of equality one should not forget devils at Christmas. My plan is to have a group – I think it will be 7 – as a collection compiled in a booklet that you can deconstruct, colour in and make up. Technically the booklet aspect is completely unnecessary, EXCEPT that I feel it will make a nice presentation and a nice gift, better than a handful of printed sheets. So, that’s the plan, more to come soon. I’m now working on angel number 3 and yes, another…

Paper Angel - front

Paper Angel no.1

I have been busy these last few days working out a design for a paper angel Christmas cecoration. I have plans to produce a collection of these that can be coloured in and made up by anyone who would like to. They will be for sale as a collection in my Etsy shop presently, but for now I have just the one. If you’d like to know when the collection is ready, email me at and I’ll let you know, or check in my shop in a couple of weeks. The collection will feature slightly subversive angels, and a…

Christmas at Moorlinch: 4th, 5th & 6th December.

My studio will be once again open to visitors for the first weekend of December. Along with calendars, cards, prints and originals, plus a few coasters and decorated candles, I shall now have colouring books! I have created a little group of 7 paper angel designs (though two are devils and one is a fairy) that you can either buy as colouring-in books, or ready-coloured and printed  on shimmery card, which you can cut up and make at home. If you would like to buy these, and also calendars & cards, outside of this weekend, please email me, or have…