Cat-and-dead-rat sketch 3

Memento Mori

Not-so-cute cats (mostly). Do not fear, there are no dead cats in this post, but perhaps rat-owners might be advised to look away and to skip this one. Continuing with my little series of cat mezzotint prints, I felt it was important that I didn’t end up with a series entirely comprising nice cute cat pictures. Cats are lovely, but lets have the Compleat Cat. Therefore, I thought at the very least there should be the classic cat-washing-bum pose, and at lease one dead rat. We have chickens and where they live has become so badly undermined with rats we…

Spelling Animals - the new rodents

Spelling Animals: Introducing the performing rodents

Another year of nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays begins! We have had lizards, cats and snakes (with ladders), so I have been hard at work breeding and training up a new kind of spelling animal. It’s a sort of rodent. They started as rats, but some of them look a bit… well. Anyway, you can judge for yourself: