Hilda Pig

Technicolour Flying Pigs!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the technicolour flying pigs: Hilda, Mildred and Archibald! …they are going to feature in a larger painting too, but while I was pondering what to enter for the art exhibition at the Royal Bath & West (an agricultural show plus everything else, for those who don’t know), I realized they would be just the thing, so I’ve whipped up this little group of piggy paintings for that.

‘Registered Animals’… and other exhibitions

So… the last few days have been short on artwork, but rather long on cutting out pieces of cardboard, mounting up drawings, wrapping up prints, and quite boring things like that. The dining room currently looks like this: …though now I think about it, it’s not usually much better than this. I shall get back to the real artwork soon I hope, but for the moment a lot of this activity is because I will have work in a few exhibitions – including the ‘registered animals’ which I shall tell you about in a moment. So, in case, by some…