Charlie in Spelling Animals

The Spelling Animals vi

Another birthday, another little troupe of Spelling Animals… Did this last Friday, just before the whole Wendy Marani incident… fortunate really as I have been kind of short on time this week, answering everyone’s most warmly appreciated comments and investigations 🙂 [Note to self: next week do more art].

The Spelling Animals

Back to School

I have come back from holiday so most of today has been catching up and paperwork. I did, however, manage another greetings card of the Spelling Animals, on account of another niece’s birthday: I am not sure that Snakes and Ladders aren’t a little too easy, thought I have to admit, I probably should have put the curve of the capital ‘T’ snake the other way round as it is in danger of becoming a ‘J’. Perhaps Spelling Cats suited me better – they were more of a challenge.  However I am half way through the nieces and nephews for…

Spelling Animals: Snakes and Animals

Snakes, Ladders & Exhibitions

This weekend I have an exhibition as part of our Spring Farm Arts group, more on that can be found on the Spring Farm Arts website, and if you are passing, do come in and see me, say hello, and spend all your money 🙂 This means the calendar paintings are delayed… again… and since most people reading this are nowhere near where I live, (Somerset, UK), I thought a little light entertainment online would be in order, while you wait for the next painting. Yes, you guessed it, another niece had a birthday, and the Spelling Animals are back:

Snakes and Ladders: the spelling sort

Snakes and Ladders (the spelling kind)

Well, life once more gets in the way of the short time I had to get on with any ‘proper’ artwork today, but this time for a good reason. It is one of my nephews’ birthdays, and so a card was called for. I have gone all through the six nephews and nieces with spelling lizards and spelling cats, so it was time to pick another spelling creature (this way I do not struggle at least to come up with a new idea on the spot six times a year). And I like spelling animals 🙂 Spelling snakes? Are snakes…