'Love 2 Swim @ Vobster - swimming hat

Vobster Quay’s new swimming hats

Hot (or at least quite warm) off the press, another swimming hat that I was asked to design. Actually a collaborative effort: the concept was Richard Smith’s who runs the swimming at the awesome Vobster Quay Diving Centre, which is fabulous for swimming, I’m afraid I don’t know who did the text. I took the concept and made it into an actual picture. **Update** now available from the shop at Vobster.com – doing a search for ‘love 2 swim’ brings up all the items, but the hoodies at the moment are only available in the blue colours.

Commissioned artwork for: 100% Swimming – 24 hour swim

Here’s another swimming picture commission I finished recently… also one I enjoyed immensely so had to post this one in turn even though it’s beginning to look like I only do swimming pictures nowadays, which isn’t strictly true, it just looks that way… Paul Fowler of 100% Swimming runs a marathon event called the 24 hour swim, where brave individuals or relay teams undertake to swim one mile on the hour every hour for 24 hours. I have to say that the idea starts to seem appealing, having drawn the picture to celebrate this year’s event… though a solo swim…

Design for Chillswim coniston end-to-end swim t-shirt

Coniston End-to-end 2016: the t-shirt

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, quietly pleased with myself: I was asked to do the back of the t-shirt design for Chillswim’s Coniston end-to-end swim – a lovely swim of about 5.25 miles, the full length of lake Coniston in Cumbria. I swam it last year and I’m swimming it again this year, only the difference is this time I don’t intend to wear a wetsuit. And so you can imagine I was a just a bit excited to be asked to create the design for the back of the t-shirt. The blue-background / orange tow-floats…

Clare & Friends, swimming in Portugal

Commissioned swimming portrait: Clara & friends

My swimming drawings – over on my Cat-of-the-day website – have led to a number of ‘swimming portraits that I’ve been asked to do – here is another one, Clara & Friends, in Portugal – a reminder of many happy swims together. This is a digital drawing, like (so far) all the swimming drawings. This was an entertaining drawing to do, but tricky: involving a certain amount of cheating with perspective. Fortunately, unlike the camera, the pencil, or stylus, can lie quite effectively. I have a little collection of swimming commissions here: https://nancyfarmer.wordpress.com/portfolio/swimming-commissions/ And meanwhile, my solo exhibition continues –…

Judith in The Battle of of Carlingford Lough, 2015

The Battle of Carlingford Lough

A commission I finished a few weeks ago: Judith Campbell emerging triumphant from “The Battle of of Carlingford Lough”. This was fun to draw, quite a bit more fun than the swim looks like it was at the time, though of course I imagine it’s fun to remember it now. An 8.5k swim worthy of immortalizing in a drawing! This is a digital drawing, drawn on a tablet, like most of my swimming drawings. If you haven’t seen these before – most of them reside in my other blog, the confusingly named Cat-of-the-Day.)

‘Hidden Depths’ at the Curzon Cinema, Clevedon, July 2016

An exhibition of art inspired by The Marine Lake at Clevedon I love the Marine Lake, it’s very special, and it’s the place where I first seriously got into open water swimming. From this sprang a spontaneous series of drawings about the nature of swimming outside, and so I’m delighted to have been asked to display some of these as part of an exhibition celebrating the Marine Lake. I’ve swum there for hours in the summer, and braved its icy waters in the winter; the lake and its visitors have been an engaging year-round subject. I shall be exhibiting alongside…

Clevedon Pier, scribbles and hats

I swim at Clevedon, in the Marine Lake and in what we like to call the sea, though you may call it the Bristol Channel if you wish, and this is a little project that came out of a discussion between a few people that I swim with. Someone said we could get hats printed with our name on… in the event that we decided on a name. I suggested that they also needed a picture of the very fine Victorian Pier at Clevedon on them and offered to draw it. Everyone liked the idea of the pier and nobody…

The finished picture

The Cumbria Flood Appeal drawing

Back at the end of last year Cumbria was suddenly rather underwater. I live in Somerset, where we know a bit about flooding, but this is also a place where I have spent a lot of time over the years. I know people there and I know some of the roads and landmarks that got washed away, so I decided I would hold a little charity auction in aid of the flood appeal fund. The winner of the auction would get a drawing of a subject of their choosing that I would create from photographs and imagination – but I…

Swimming through January

Have calendar, will swim.

At the end of last year I was selling calendars for 2016, illustrated with my swimming drawings, and posting them off in the hope, of course, that people would enjoy them, but I hadn’t actually expected to see any of them again. But look what I saw yesterday – three pages of January filled in as diaries of people’s swims. I thought this was so fabulous I wanted to share the photos. Swimming calendars, full of swimming! There are other exercises in there, too, and the pink squares on one of them denotes the only days on which the calendar…

'Waterbabies' - digital drawing


I have been slacking, I admit, in updating my website lately, but this is because I have been actually getting on with some artwork. So it’s about time I showed you a picture or two. Here is a commission I did recently – one of a growing number of digital drawings I have done for people because they have seen my swimming drawings and asked me to draw them, or in this case, their daughters. Sometimes these commemorate certain events, in this casethe youngest daughter’s first experience of open water.