Medusa - carving by Tom Clarke, in Portland Stone, from a sketch by Nancy Farmer

Medusa, made flesh, in stone.

There are many things I fail to get round to posting on this blog, and it would have been a shame if this had been one of them! Following some pretty poor weather, rain, cold, rain, snow, rain and a spot of rain, it was finally dry enough for the wall of our house to be finished a couple of weeks ago, maybe even three weeks ago. And so my beautiful new carving of Medusa – carved at unbelievably short notice by Tom Clark, in Portland stone – could finally be revealed in all her glory. Here she is: My…

Medusa - carving by Tom Clark from a sketch by Nancy Farmer

Turning Medusa into stone

The Medusa carving is finished and is up on the wall already! Tom Clark did the carving (in Portland stone), and it looks fantastic… the wall is not actually finished yet, but I thought I’d post some photos while we still have scaffolding to get up close to the carving with. Ultimately the wall will be white, with a rough texture but not those wavy lines which are there so that the next layer of rendering sticks on. See this post for the fallen-down-wall photos: