Wendy Marani, plagiarist

Medusa's Gimps: as plagiarised by Wendy Marani (left) as painted by Nancy Farmer (right)
Medusa’s Gimps: as plagiarised by Wendy Marani (left) as painted by Nancy Farmer (right)

Being the story of one Wendy Marani, a.k.a Wendy Marani Hall, a.k.a. the Evil Plagiarist, and how she got her ideas.

What is this page for?

For those who have not already encountered this story (and there are many who have, thanks to a lot of wonderful friends and supporters), this page is a summary, bringing together links to all of the posts about Wendy Marani that I have written to date (scroll down to find those). It also acts as a landing page for the domains http://www.wendymarani.com and http://www.wendymaranihall.com. That is in the hope that, if enough people link to this page, it will be high enough in the search engine results that it will be difficult for any potential customers of Ms Marani’s who google her name to fail to notice what she is doing.

medusa in Venus' Bedroom: as plagiarised by Wendy Marani (left) as painted by Nancy Farmer (right)
medusa in Venus’ Bedroom: as plagiarised by Wendy Marani (left) as painted by Nancy Farmer (right)

Who is Wendy Marani?

Wendy Marani, or sometimes Wendy Marani Hall, and even sometimes just Wendy Hall, is a brazen and talentless plagiarist. In particular she has targeted my Medusa paintings, though she may also have targeted the work of other artists as well. In case, from the look of the pictures, you suspect that I may be mercilessly attacking a child, her age is variously given as 41, 47 and 55, and she also claims to be an ex-playboy model and a law graduate.

Many artists are influenced by each other, it is unavoidable, it stimulates creation, and may often take an artist down hitherto unexpected creative pathways. I have absolutely no problem with this. It is polite to give another artist credit where appropriate, but even that is not always possible or appropriate, because we all pick up ideas from all around us.

What Wendy Mariani is doing however, is quite different. She is making much of ‘her Medusa Series of paintings’, she is attempting to sell them online, and she is insisting that she is the author of these ideas. She has also, at time of writing, ignored my requests for her to remove the paintings, except in the one case where an online gallery has given her the ultimatum that she remove them or be removed from their site entirely, and even then she tried first to move them into her husband, Don Hall’s gallery on the same site before she was spotted.

Don Hall, her husband, is also a painter. I know nothing of his integrity, or even his views on this matter. I do not know if he owns the copyright of the photos that he used for his art, but since they are mainly sportsmen and celebrities they do not affect me. All I can say is that he describes himself as widely regarded as the premier sports and entertainment artist in the U.S. today”. Since I do not live in the US, I am offering no views on this artist.

Wendy Marani is another matter. She clearly believes, because I am in the UK and she is in Florida, that there is nothing I can do about her use of my images. Hence this page. If you would like to aid me in this stand against this woman, and plagiarism in general, feel free to link to this page, using the name Wendy Marani Hall in the text with the link, and, for best effect, also inserting ‘art’ or ‘paintings’ and so on as a few descriptive words abut the link.

I would be interested to hear any similar stories you may have – just leave me a comment.

Bathtime: as plagiarised by Wendy Marani (left) as painted by Nancy Farmer (right)
Bathtime: as plagiarised by Wendy Marani (left) as painted by Nancy Farmer (right)

The Blog Posts

My art is all about stories, fairytales, and a satirical slant on things, and I do not personally like to read a lot of whining and complaining, however justified, so the original blog posts were written in a style which amused me, and, I hoped, would entertain others. And part of the reason for this is that I feel if people are entertained by something they are more likely to pass the story on.

So here they are in all their mock 15th or maybe 16th century dignity πŸ˜‰

Part One – in which is announced the finding, but not (in the original form of the post) the identity of the Evil Plagiarist:
Part Two – in which it is discovered that the Evil Plagiarist intends to continue her evil work:
Part Three – in which lies are repeated, excuses are given, and a game is invented:
Part Four – in which we take the pants off Don Hall, tabloid style!
Part Five – in which we learn what else Wendy has been up to, or NOT been up to:

And the article in my local paper:

Why no Litigation?

It is expensive, and it would probably get me nowhere. Unleashing the power of the Internet, however, is a fun and free activity andΒ  everyone can join in! It is also very, very public, and may serve to teach more than one person a lesson.

There will no doubt be more added to this page in due course. In the meantime, happy reading, please pass this on or link to it if you’ve a mind to help me, and here’s hoping that Wendy Marani rues the day she thought she could ignore me!


Nancy Farmer πŸ™‚


  1. Nicely balanced, but I could hear the grinding of your teeth……….

    1. Hahaha! Yes, but then again, so many people are reading this there have been some hidden advantages!

  2. I have been doing some writing – gentle, respectful, but firm and to the point – where I’ve spotted pics on the internet. Suspect I’m not the only one (well, maybe the only one who’s been that gentle lol)…
    …hope Ms Marani wakes up and ‘does the right thing’, even if it’s only the bare minimal right thing from self-interest. Her name is already dirt courtesy of many blogs if you google her… power of the internet…

    1. Thank you, Seth! yes it is always best to remain polite… so thank you for your politeness AND your efforts πŸ™‚

  3. There are too many ripoff merchants out there with no training, talent or ability who have the cheek to pretend that they are artists!

  4. Alyson

    i feel sorry for all the people who buy her paintings at a stupid expensive price and then find out it was all done out of Plagiarism. Her paintings look like a child got hold of some paints and tried to copy them. at least then if it were a child I’m sure even a child would be adult enough to admit they copied and would take down all the pictures.

    1. Yes Alyson, there is that, but I’m not sure how many she has actually painted – when she realized she had been rumbled she halved the price of her paintings – after a quick sale, I assume, but not sure she got one…

  5. In a day and age when one can make anything, call it art and still garner interest, this WMH chose to steal the work of a real artist, then attempt to call it her own. Even if WMH had attempted a different style within her own work (Has she any work that’s actually hers?), that style is obviously not Nancy Farmer’s. That she’s profited from her theft adds insult to injury. She’s on my S***list, with two checks next to her name. As Paul said (before Robert Graves attributed it to Emperor Claudius) “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

    1. Thank you for your support, Malisa! Yes, she is a waste of space, however it’s worth also appreciating that she has given me some excellent publicity as this story has been passed around, and I’m not convinced she’s sold anything herself, so she’s had her uses! πŸ˜‰

  6. Honest, when I bought all these Medusa paintings in Florida I thought I had stumbled upon a cache of Nancy Farmer’s work when she was three! I figured I’d make a mint. Sigh.

    Hi Nancy!

    1. Hi Stephen, how the devil are you?!

  7. Litigation only works if you have officially copyrighted your work by submission, otherwise the best one can hope for is a take-down order to be granted by the authorities. No monetary damages are allowed otherwise.

    That said, it’s incredulous to see plagiarism being so widespread with art and words. Anyone who knows me understands my definition of art is strict to the point of considering pre-modernism art to be at best very good craftsmanship, and artistry. If it isn’t unique; original; and the truth of the artist, it isn’t fine art.

    In this case of your article the plagiarist is a no talent; unimaginative and unethical hack.
    You’ve written a great and fun to read article!

    1. Thank you! And yes, I thought it would be better use of my time writing the article than anything else I could undertake, especially given the ‘talent’ of the plagiarist…

  8. I really love your art! So much imagination and so much technical skill. The evil plagiarist hasn’t any of your skill and if she had any imagination, she wouldn’t have to steal your work. I do live in the US and I am an artist and have never heard of her husband.

    1. Thanks, Wendy πŸ™‚ …yes it would appear that the husband might simply be re-selling other artists work as his own and can’t paint either! Another US artist told me he had done a painting in response to a craigslist advert, don’t think he got paid though, or very little. It may have been a scam that has collapsed now.

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