A small auction of paintings

First, apologies to any who are following this blog by email, I inadvertently sent out an extremely dull list of previous exhibitions to you all – I thought there was a way I could sneak it onto the site without everyone getting an email, I was wrong! However, this next bit you might be interested in:

Auction of paintings:

It is a fact that I have TOO MANY paintings! And since some of these are no longer in frames, they never get seen any more, they just languish in plan-chest purgatory. So I am having a little auction of four of them, beginning yesterday, on Valentine’s day, and ending a week later. The day was especially appropriate to one of them: ‘A Romantic Picnic, Spoiled by Mermaids’, which is what gave me the idea. To this I’ve added the very naughty ‘A Rude Intrusion’, the exceptionally silly can-caning demons in ‘Infernal Gallop’ and ‘The Fairy Mirror’ – macabre but strangely not inappropriate to the day, either. They are all quite large paintings (sorry, the Mermaids one is a little too large to post overseas), and all in excellent condition, they have simply been removed from their frames.

Click here to see the auctions:

These paintings were finished between about 2005 and 2010, so they deserve a little airing here I think. Looking back for these images has cheered me as I find that a great deal of paintings that I did back then I have indeed sold… but the cupboard is still a little full for all that.


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