Chloe McCardel, mermaid

Sirène: Chloe McCardel

A digital drawing I did of a lady who must be at least part-mermaid. This is a fanciful portrait of Australian long distance swimmer extraordinaire, Chloë McCardel. This week, she swam the English Channel for the 21st time, Her 20th swim broke the Australian record, and she now holds the record for the number of solo crossings in one year with 8 done in 2016! She also coached 5 successful Australian solo swimmers and three successful relay teams in 2016. One of those relay swimmers was Dory Johns, who I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago, and…


‘Swimflakes’ swimming hats

I do love it when a piece of work turns out to be multi-purpose! And I also love it when ideas come together that never would have, had it not been for a complex journey of other ideas. Devils drinking tea in Hell is one of those examples, and another one is my new ‘Swimflakes’ swimming hats. Sprung from ponderings on what sort of wrapping paper would appeal to swimmers at Christmas because, frankly, I know a lot of swimmers and that in itself comes from my love of swimming outside, even when it is freezing. The hats, when I…

Ebook cover for 'The Longest Road in the Universe' by C.S. MacCath

The Longest Road in the Universe

By C. S. MacCath, a collection of Fantastical Tales Some years back I was asked to illustrate C. S. MacCath’s beautiful short story, ‘The Longest Road in the Universe’, when it appeared in Murky Depths magazine (2008). I loved this story, and perhaps this came through in the illustrations, because I am delighted to be able to say that one of these illustrations now adorns the forthcoming ebook collection of stories. So if your curiosity is piqued, I’d love to point you in the direction of links to purchase this collection… For Kindle: For iBook: For Kobo:…


Silver or Gold…?

I am nearly at a the point of asking a printing company to print the wrapping paper I’ve been working on for  while, but before I do it, I thought a bit of customer research might be in order. The choice is between silver and gold, and also between white swimflakes against a metallic background or the other way around. I may be able to print two options – I can almost certainly afford to print either both gold or both silver options, or I can go with what I wanted originally – white on gold, and silver on white,…


Synchro Snowflakes

Welcome to this year’s edition of “Quick & Simple Christmas Product Ideas Which Actually Take At Least 10 Times Longer Than I Anticipated” I am not complaining, I am having fun, and I am also finding Adobe Illustrator indispensable for this project (and getting to grips with limited parts of it), and that makes me happy, because some weeks ago I paid for the annual licence for the whole of the Adobe creative suite, which, while it doesn’t actually require you to sign away your soul and your firstborn child baby cats, it does at least come closer to that…

Vobster Quay's Glow Swim

The Glow Swim

Now I know, because I see the stats, that my sketchbook blog Cat-of-the-Day doesn’t get many views, and that’s a shame because this site, which gets a lot more views, has largely been about sales and exhibitions lately, and hardly any new art work… So, apologies if you are following both blogs, but I think I’m going to pop the occasional CotD sketch over here, too, so you know I do get a bit of work done, occasionally😉 This is inspired by the unique and surreal Vobster Quay Glow Swim – 80 glowsticked heads, bobbing in a lake, everyone ready…


Gold Fairies on Etsy

Some years ago I announced the last of the Gold Fairies, and then I did some more…. These are slightly different to the original drawings, but they are in the same vein, and they have just gone up for sale on Etsy. So I won’t claim they are the last, but they are the last for the moment… (The link will take you to my second shop on Etsy, cunningly named NancyFarmerTwo, in which I am listing only original artwork, while the original shop NancyFarmer has prints and cards.)

'Love 2 Swim @ Vobster - swimming hat

Vobster Quay’s new swimming hats

Hot (or at least quite warm) off the press, another swimming hat that I was asked to design. Actually a collaborative effort: the concept was Richard Smith’s who runs the swimming at the awesome Vobster Quay Diving Centre, which is fabulous for swimming, I’m afraid I don’t know who did the text. I took the concept and made it into an actual picture. **Update** now available from the shop at – doing a search for ‘love 2 swim’ brings up all the items, but the hoodies at the moment are only available in the blue colours.

Half Price Print Sale...

Half Price Print Sale

I have a surplus prints problem! I now have too many in my exhibition stock to put them all out on display, so I’ve put a load of them on Etsy in the ‘Sale’ section of my shop. Mostly there is only one available of each, though there are some duplicates. Click here to see them all. Once they’re gone, these pictures will still be available because i usually print the to order, but they will go back to their full price, so grab these if you want a bargain… There are over 60, all sizes, here is just a…

The signs are up.

The Studio is Open for Business!

Somerset Open Studios 2016 The signs are up… (yes, yes, I know it’s now called Somerset Open Studios, not Art Weeks, but there aren’t nearly enough new signs to get you all the way from two possible main roads in two directions to here. Plus the old ones are much nicer, having ‘Art’ in big letters, a pointy arrow, and a lot less text.) The studio has been transformed from this…. …into this. Several hundred greetings cards have been transformed from this…. …into this. Sergeant Stripes has done the stock-taking…. …and we have re-considered the tradition of using ribbons to…