Two’s Company

One of the first of some silhouette drawings that I have been doing. I have to say that I thought this picture was rather too sweet for me, but when I posted it on my Facebook page it got more likes than anything has for a very long time, so there, maybe I should be sweeter! I’m not going to change though 😉 Personally, I particularly like the dandelions in the grass, being a bit of a fan of dandelions.

I cannot currently think of an excellent title for this so it is going by the name of ‘Two’s Company’ unless I can think of something better, because it seems to be a continuation of the finished drawing I posted a few weeks ago: ‘Three’s a Crowd’. In fact it is not, it’s a drawing I abandoned last year because first I ran out of time and then it got damaged standing around waiting for my attentions, and so I was left with a refined outline that I had spent some time on and which had never seen the light of day. A couple of weeks ago it was resurrected so I am pleased it met with approval… I have listed prints of it on Etsy here:, though only as a large print for the moment, smaller versions can be arranged if there is any interest.

Two's Company - pencil silhouette drawing
Two’s Company – pencil silhouette drawing

Pencil is of course a rather shiny grey colour and I have darkened the black tones in the images below.

Close-up 1, with blacker black!
Close-up 1, with blacker black!
Close-up 1, with dandelions
Close-up 1, with dandelions


  1. It’s lovely! And the dandeliions are great too…:-) You could also call it ‘Pushing Pan…’

    1. Thank you Wendy 🙂

  2. Thanks Rosie 🙂

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